Saturday, Day 1

We left for West Virginia at 5:00 am this morning. The fist bump challenge, where you fist bump a stranger and tell them Jesus loves them, officially started when we boarded the bus. Emily Capps and Emily Lewis broke the ice when they fist bumped two cashiers at McDonald's. 

The ride went fairly unevenful if you call near death experiences eventful. Just kidding, but a couple wayward trucks on narrow curvy roads cause some scares. We arrived at Big Springs Missionary Church around noon. 

The bulding we are staying in is an old school. We are sleeping in classrooms which have been converted into dorm type rooms. There are 7 bunk beds in each room.

After we unpacked and had the grand tour of the place, we headed into Logan, a town about 45 minutes away, to get something to eat. We ate at Gatti's Pizza. We played some arcade games, and Wesley won a Jackpot on his game, winning 1,000 tickets! Then Madison played the same game and got the Jackpot too! 

Emily C and Emily L played and got a grand total of....4 tickets! After Gatti's we went next door to Walmart for some shopping. After that trip, most Youth reported around 100 fist bumps each. Honestly, walking into Walmart, we looked like the yellow t-shirt malitia (see photo to the right). One Walmart employee we fist bumped was so excited. He taught us a song.

"Ain't no party  like the Holy Ghost party cuz the Holy Ghost party don't stop!"

We headed back to the school and decorated some of our VBS classrooms. Then we had group prayer and headed to bed. Good night all! 

Welcome to Tenesee!

Kid Playground at McDonald's

The rooms

The Jackpot siblings

The Yellow Shirt Malitia!


Sunday, Day 2

Today we attended church services at Big Springs. It was different than our church services at Tuxedo. For example, the hold worship and songs first, then they split up and go to Sunday School. Then after Sunday School, it goes straight into the message. After church we had a lunch of tacos with Pastor John and his family. After lunch we all drove down to invite people to VBS at Mallory Hollow, or "the holler" as people here call it. It's known to be home the rough crowd, but not everyone there was. There was a man who could perfectly imitate a vicious doberman pinscher. He said he would try to bring his grandchildren to VBS. But there were those that were rough. One had a sign outside that said:


1. Buy a knife

2. Name it kindness

3. Kill people with kindnes

We split up into two teams. For one team there was a particularly large hill, where you had to climb straight up, but the view was pretty. The temperature got into the 90's. At the end we were tired, hungry, and a little sunburned, but it was worth it. We got back to Big Springs and ate supper, then attended evening service. The service truly was all about worship. People shared about God in their life, and sang songs. The fellowship with these people is amazing. After service it was discovered that a bat had invaded the gym. And as I sit here watching Duck Dynasty with everyone before bed, I realize a peace that has been with us on today, the Lord's Day.

View from top of the hill at the holler

Cheyenne with VBS flyers at the holler


Monday, Day 3

Today was the first day of construction and VBS. We have been giving complete freedom  by Big Springs to decorate their Youth Room. We cleared out the room, and the Em and Em Team made lunch and lemonade. We worked on the room all day until supper, which was lasanga, salad and garlic bread, made by the Em and Em Team. Everyone cleaned up theirselves and then it was time for VBS. We had 14 students tonight. A basketball game was played after VBS with Pastor John and his family. All of the Youth had a meeting about the Youth Room.

The Youth Room right now


Kaleb and Mike warming up for the basketball game


Tuesday, Day 4

Today was the second day of VBS. We had more kids than the day before. Vickie made her "chicken suprise" for supper. We got started on the Youth Room. We headed into Logan to go to Lowe's and Walmart. We painted the walls a bright orange and got some bean bag chairs, posters, and other accessories. All in all it was a good day!


Wednesday, Day 5

Today was the last day of VBS. These kids are so sweet and we will miss them so much. Thankfully we have the pool party tomorrow to say our final good-byes. Thomas, a boy in Mallory dubbed "Chicken Man" because of his many chickens. helped us with construction of the Youth Room. We painted the trim a bright green. After a trip to Walmart, we painted crosses on the wall with chalkboard paint. We burned some old boxes of clothes and late that night Charles and Brian painted the floor a light grey.


Thursday, Day 6

Today we put the finishing touches on the Youth Room. We hung posters on the wall, moved in game tables, bean bag chairs, and other furniture. Then we enjoyed our handiwork for a little while, then we left for the pool party. The party was a lot of fun, and afterwards promises of letters and emails and keeping in touch were made. Tears were shed. We got back to the school and went to sleep in a classroom for the last time this week. We will miss this place.